Bean There, Done That

A big part of picking up and moving to another city and leaving your friends and family is looking forward to the visitors. There are times when thinking of future visits gets me through the day, so I thought that those of you who have made the trek to the Windy City deserve a special shout out on the blog! You’ve each helped to make our time here more special and have definitely kept me sane! I love almost every kind of bean, but this one is definitely my favorite…

7/2009 – US!

This was our trip to Chicago to decide if we wanted to move here. It was my first visit to Chicago, and I cannot WAIT for this summery weather again!

11/20/2009 – Jenny and Steve

Jenny and Steve were our first official visitors and got engaged at the bean that weekend!

1/15/2010 – Jenny, Siobhan, and Terri

Three of my best girlfriends braved the Chicago winter and visited us for a long weekend.

1/22/2010 – Kyle

Kyle was also not intimidated by the Chicago wintery weather and came to stay with us for 6 days. Thank goodness he was here to hold up the bean or it might have tipped over.

2/5/2010 – Weaners

Kim and Caleb escaped a historic Philadelphia blizzard and visited us to celebrate Caleb’s 30th birthday!

Drew Bagby – 2/11/2010

Hoagie’s best friend from college Drew joined us for a last night weekend visit.  The boys had a great time catching up and plotting future plans for their business venture called “Ho-Bag”.

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