Chicago’s Perfect 10 race recap

Yesterday we got back on the racing wagon and ran the inaugural Chicago’s Perfect 10.   There was a 10K option as well, but we went for the 10 miler.   Sounded like a good idea back in August or whenever it was that we registered.  

Chicago's Perfect 10 Mile & 10K at Navy Pier

I was more than a little nervous for the race as running has not been a priority in the past month.   Not only did post marathon laziness kick in, but moving and finishing up school didn’t leave much spare time.  I ran a few miles on the treadmill, BMB did 6 outside this past week, and that was about it.   We figured we’d run it for fun, walk when we had to, and just finish. 

We were up before the sun, something we hadn’t done in awhile. 


We definitely over dressed for the race, and by the time we walked out to Navy Pier I was sweating.   Chicago weather forecast once again foiled my planning. 


The race itself started at 7 AM at the end of Navy Pier.   


Earlier in the week they had to change the start time from 8 AM to 7 AM due to city restrictions.   I’d rather get it out of the way as early as possible, but their Facebook wall blew up with the most dramatic responses ever.   My two personal favorites were something along the lines of “we all know when we run best … i signed up for this race based on the 8 a.m. start time. refund” and “should be called Chicago’s really crappy 10”.   Fabulous material for dramatic readings, I must say.  

We lined up, the national anthem was played, and we were off.


After we ran down Navy Pier and hopped on the trail the course was basically our marathon training route.


South along the lake to the museums and so on. 



The bottle neck was pretty extreme until we reached the 10K turnaround.


Not going to lie – I was tempted to make the turn.   My legs were so tight those first 3 miles, but eventually did loosen up.  


We hit the turnaround at 49:50 , exactly on pace.  


The last 5 miles flew by, and I actually felt pretty good.   My IT band gave me a bit of trouble, but nothing I couldn’t handle.   Before we knew it we were passing Soldier Field, the museums, and heading back to Navy Pier.


I was delighted to not only finish the race strong, but to receive a high five from Forrest Gump as we crossed the finish line.  

Excellent.  We collected our medals and then ran into Keren, a friend we met through marathon training, who rocked the race as well.  


We also had an unexpected 10 miler PR with our 1:40 finish, beating our Soldier Field time by 4 minutes.   Even better, we had fun and enjoyed the beautiful, though warmer than expected, fall weather. 

We are also finally unpacked, and after hosting our first guests over last night the place has been sufficiently broken in.   Pics to come, and also hopefully a return to regularly scheduled blogging.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend,


3 Responses to Chicago’s Perfect 10 race recap

  1. Welcome back, I missed the blog!!!

  2. so happy to get my FITWC&MC fix, ahhhh.

  3. i had no idea this race existed! and what a nice day for running! sounds likeyou did fantastic and enjoyed a great race

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