Zombie paintball

With our big move to a new apartment  approaching on Monday, we have been quite the busy bees.


Though the litter box in the living room, sneakers on the counter, and plastic pumpkin laying willy nilly on the floor leads you to believe that we are in poor shape, there is good reason for the chaos.   We had carpet cleaners scheduled to arrive on Friday afternoon, and spent the early hours of the morning moving all the living room furniture to the kitchen, guest room, our room, and wherever else we could fit it.   We locked the cats along with their bathroom and food in our room and went to work.    Unfortunately the carpet cleaner’s truck broke down, leaving us with random furniture all over the apartment and a couple of extra disgruntled cats. 


The other night we avoided packing and headed out for a lovely Halloween outing with our friends Bob and Megan.


What screams Halloween more than zombie paintball? 

We drove about an hour southwest of the city to Joliet, Illinois to our destination.   Well, it wasn’t really that easy.   After a good 20 minutes spent creeping around pitch black cornfields and back roads thinking to ourselves, what kind of horror story trap are we falling into, we stumbled across CPX Sports.  


After handing in our Groupons for the event we waited in line to get “briefed”.


This entailed sitting in a pitch black room while a guy dressed in camo yelled at us about the area “infected” by zombies and how we could survive.   I thought about raising my hand to ask if I was allowed to take pictures but before I had the chance we were ushered outside to our “guides” for our haunted jaunt through the forest. 

Artistic rendering of our experience.

The ever gracious person that I am, I allowed BMB to use me as a shield to the zombies attacking from all sides.   Sometimes you just have to take one for the team.   I was pretty scared the entire time, but probably screamed the loudest when the guy behind me tripped and I mistakenly took his flailing arms for a zombie attack.   I’m sure my terrified scream didn’t add to his embarrassment at all.   After a stroll through a creepy tunnel complete with innard curtains we approached this deserted town.

At night it looks a lot more creepy.

We could see our paintball bus parked in the distance, so I thought to myself, Oh good, we’re almost finished.  All of a sudden our guide yelled, “ZOMBIE ATTACK, GET TO THE BUUUUS!”  And zombies started chasing us from behind.   I apologize to whoever I may have shoved as I took off as fast as my rain boots would take me yelling, “RUN FAAASTER!”  

I took this pic from the website, as I did with the pic above, but we didn’t have paintball guns at this point, and it was dark out.

It was quite exhilarating, and I’ve never been happier to get on a old creepy bus with no sides and guns lining the outside.  

We were then instructed to put on our goggles, and were told if we removed them that we would be considered infected and would be shot on the spot.    Then the paintballing began, as we shot down zombies as they charged our bus and stumbled around.    I think I just laughed maniacally the whole time, and was probably shooting either straight at the ground or up in the sky. 

Before we knew it our zombie shooting experience came to an end.  It definitely exceeded my expectations, so much fun.  

We topped off the excursion with stuffed burgers at McGrody’s Pub.


BMB took it to a whole new level when he ordered the stuffed grilled cheese.


I definitely ate my weight in sweet potato tots.   The cinnamon dipping sauce was out of this world.    Good times, as always, or, for the first time, in Joliet, Illinois.

Last night we met our new landlord and received the keys to our new apartment.  


We were basically seeing it for the first time and were so excited to explore.   I’ll post pics again once we’re all moved in, if it ever happens.   Today we are packing, working on my final project, attempting to get new phones, and trying to pull together costumes for a party tonight.   I’m being the pregnant lady who ran the Chicago marathon, which is basically the perfect costume.   I get to wear gym clothes, my medal, and order people around all night because I’m pregnant (well that’s my plan). 

Happy Saturday!!


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  1. If zombies are an interest – try reading Pride and Prejudice and …Zombies! It certainly gives Jane Austen a new twist!

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