BBQ & Marathon video

After the crazy events of last weekend I’ve spent much of this week on the couch when I wasn’t working or at class.   I did run once.  Well, twice, if you count chasing after Jackie when she darted out the door while I was paying the Dominos delivery guy.   It was like she had been planning her escape for months, and if the delivery guy hadn’t yelled HERE KITTY KITTY I may not have even noticed the little blur of fur as she went by.  Waffles remained unperturbed from atop her tower as the events unfolded, of course.


BMB had been in Florida for the week for work, and we celebrated his return on Saturday with a delicious BBQ dinner at Chicago Q

We were lucky to get a last minute 9:30 PM reservation, and figured it had to be good.   We arrived and were immediately impressed by the cozy atmosphere. 

Immediately after we were seated we were presented with homemade bread & butter pickles and spicy potato chips.

Bread and Butter Pickles & Chips @ Chicago Q

Those chips lasted about 4.5 seconds. 

For our second app we ordered the House Bacon Cheddar Hush Puppies, because really, we’d be fools not to.

For our entrée we took our server’s advice and split one of the larger combos, the q3.   We picked pulled pork, brisket, and a half rack of ribs.

With a side of bruleed mac n’ cheese.

It was the perfect amount of food and we were both stuffed but not to the point of discomfort.   We will definitely returning to Chicago Q, if only to try the bourbon flights.   Great Saturday night date night. 

Today we took advantage of the beautiful fall day (where were you LAST Sunday??!!) and set out of a casual run around town.


It was awesome to wander aimlessly without a set distance.


Wonderful weekend.

BMB has promised that his thoughts on the marathon will be coming soon, but in the meantime feel free to check out my video of the experience here.  Be warned: the footage is extremely shaky, but hey, I was running a marathon.   There is also an abundance of official race photos with the large orange “proof” stamped on them.  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


2 Responses to BBQ & Marathon video

  1. OMG…those hushpuppies look fantastic and I’m intrigued by the bruleed mac and cheese. Yum.

  2. um, bourbon flights AND bacon hush puppies? I know where I’m going the next time I make it out to Chicago (better planned for hanging out).

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