final training run.

This morning we woke up at an absurd hour for a Saturday for our last CARA marathon training run.  

Week 17, 8 miles.   

We all know what happens at the end of week 18, and I can’t believe it’s here.  

Most of you are probably grateful that the weekly pictures of sweaty people running the same lake front path will be coming to an end, and especially the self photos of BMB and I.   Those will prob continue, not going to lie.   In case you missed it, this is what we’ve been doing the past 17 weeks:

week 1 – marathon training kickoff
week 2 – CARA training run
week 3 – enjoying Caturday
week 4 – a hot 9 miler
week 5-10 miles, back to CHI
week 6- home again
week 7 – 12 miles
week 8 – family week day 1: 13 miles
week 9 – no run for me
week 10 – Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon
week 11 – 16 miles, a new PDR
week 12 – cha cha changes
week 13 – 18 miles, I need a nap
week 14 – an early 10 miler
week 15 – CARA Ready to Run 20 miler
week 16 – busy bee

What an experience.   It wasn’t always pretty, or fun, and definitely not easy, but we made it through it.   We had such a busy summer of travel, and we realized that fitting in whatever miles we could, when we could, was the best we could do.  Looking back, it wouldn’t have been the same without our training group and leaders.  

Today we started out and ran the first few chilly miles in the dark.

We headed out south as we always do on the lakefront path as humongous waves crashed along the shore and the sun came up.

At mile 4 Donna switched it up and we turned right on 31st street.

She was taking us to the final miles of the marathon course.   It’s going to look a lot different one week from now.

We took a practice run on that last pesky little hill leading up to the final turn onto Columbus.

As the street was closed for a race today we were able to run smack down the middle, visualizing that finish line.

With that our final training run came to an end.

But don’t worry, we took some final awkward photos on the way home.

DSC07916 DSC07915 
Thanks to CARA for making our first marathon training experience as painless as possible!

We are off to enjoy the beautiful fall day, starting with a hibachi birthday party!

Happy Caturday,


8 Responses to final training run.

  1. Yay! Next week is going to rock!

  2. I have LOVED reading about your training. I can’t wait to hear about how it goes. You are clearly, going to do awesome!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting a pic of that hill…seriously! I’ve been curious about it. Luckily running in Seattle is never flat so I think I’ll survive on this hill especially knowing the end is super close! Great job on your last long run, maybe we will run into each other next weekend…hehe!

  4. Good luck next weekend!

  5. I’ve been following your blog and I love it! I’m also a PA girl living in Chicago (I’ve been here for about 8 years though) and will be running my 4th Chicago Marathon this year. Good luck! You’ll be fantastic!

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