busy bee

Besides popping in to publish  Ryan’s Guest Post the other day I’ve spent way too many hours at work during the day, and at school working on a group presentation at night to do anything else with a computer.   Hence my lack of blogging.   My Google Reader also suffered, but luckily we were able to catch up on important things like Caturday tonight.

This past weekend was a ridiculously fun blur of good times.  I arrived home in PA late Friday night, and we were up early Saturday to run.   We discussed running 10 miles on the Perkiomen trail, but had extremely loose expectations.

With the burnt out and tapery feeling hanging around I told BMB that if I was not having a good time we weren’t going to push it.

Luckily we didn’t follow this policy exactly or we would have made it about 10 steps to this sign informing us that the trail was closed for flooding.

This would be the paved, flat end of the trail which was closed.   We ended up running in the other direction, which turned into a rollicking trail run.

It was a really pretty morning, though on the humid side.

DSC07781 DSC07783 

We saw some good wildlife.   Cats, roosters, stallions….

DSC07772 DSC07773 DSC07775 DSC07780

…and a dire wolf.

OK, it was really a white German Shepherd named Stormy.  We met him and his owner shortly after this photo was taken.

We ended up running 8 miles and were perfectly happy with that.   We were on a tight time constraint as we had to cruise up to Hershey, PA for Jeff & Danelle’s wedding!

After all the weddings we’ve had this year I’m not going to elaborate on the details but rest assured, it was lovely.


OH, and there was chocolate butter and chocolate salad dressing, details I feel deserve mentioning. 

Also a candy bar.  

It was a beautiful wedding and we had so much fun with our family.

I will also add that if you know me, you know I love to start a good dance circle.  Though I like to be the creator, I don’t have any good dance moves.   This weekend I introduced the double dutch move to the circle, guaranteed to be a hit wherever you go.   You’re welcome. 

The after party went until the wee hours of the morning, and after spending a lazy day at my parents house our 3:30 AM wakeup call for the airport came early on Monday.  After flying back to Chicago I headed directly to the office, and from the office directly to school.   Today was a repeat with a little more sleep, and after enjoying some more of the BEST gelato outside of Italy I’ve ever consumed I will be crashing into bed. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


2 Responses to busy bee

  1. Stumbled upon your blog through SR’s (whom yes, I do love too so we have something in common already!). Just got married about 6 months ago and am back in school as well and working full time. We’ve got two dogs though instead of ‘kittehs’ but I am really working on the hubs on that one :) Enjoying the blog!! And subscribed to keep up :)

    Best of luck in the upcoming mary! You can do it-and for such a GREAT cause!!

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