Guest Post: Philadelphia Fans Rock!

Kate here,  popping in from PA.  The Chicago branch of Team Hoagie put on an amazing event today, so please enjoy the guest post from Ryan to hear all about it.

Guest blogger and proud Team Hoagie member Ryan Lester here.

Today we held a raffle at Mad River Chicago during the Eagles vs. Giants game. Prizes included a signed Vick jersey, a  DeSean Jackson helmet,  and Eagles/Bears MNF tickets, plus more.  The results on the field were poor but the raffle was a complete success.


When I started to think about how I could get involved in fundraising, I thought back to an advertising campaign the Eagles ran a few years back.  The campaign, “Power of One”, celebrated the unique passion of the team, city and its fans.  When a force of Philadelphia sports fans comes together great things can be accomplished.  Today the Philadelphia Eagles Fan Club Chicago didn’t let us down.  I’m pleased to announce that we raised over $1,000 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, putting us over the 15k mark as a team.  

A very special THANK YOU goes out to Steve, Carol, and Kelly Condon for helping to secure the prizes.  Couldn’t have done it without you guys.  You Rock!


Three of the winners.  The helmet guy was pumped; I think he’ll be sleeping with it on tonight.  Probably see him wearing it again at Mad River soon.

Race day is fast approaching. Can’t wait to meet everyone!


From myself, BMB, and the rest of Team Hoagie, a HUGE thank you goes out to Ryan, his girlfriend Kelly, and her family for putting so much effort into planning and making this fundraiser happen.   As we were home in PA for a wedding we couldn’t be there but were so proud to know that you guys were back in Chicago promoting our cause with an awesome fundraiser.    YOU ROCK! 

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  1. Nice work guys!!!!!

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