taper madness

This week has truly flown by.  Hands down this was the fastest first week of work I’ve ever experienced.   I am extremely overwhelmed but in a good way.  No dress code, free drinks, meetings with beer, and walking to work with BMB were definitely some of the perks of the week.   I didn’t cook a single thing all week long, and only ran once – hence my lack of posting.   Also, with the conclusion of last Sunday’s 20 miler we have officially entered taper time until the marathon.  


Our group leader sent out an e-mail last night that I thought was incredibly helpful while entertaining at the same time.   Yet another bonus to the CARA training.   This is what she said:

‘Now that the hard work is over, the goal is to get to the marathon starting line healthy.

Do not do anything crazy. You may feel that you are not ready. You are! Nothing you do now will improve your fitness level. Trying to squeeze in a few extra runs or workouts will not help, but will hurt… literally, if you get injured.

As we cut back on the mileage, you will notice strange things happening. Nervous energy will start to take the place of running.   Have you heard the term “Taper Madness”? It is about to take over your life.

My taper obsession is with the Weather Channel. Will it rain? Will it be windy? Will it be too hot? Will it be too cold? Will it be just right? For some reason, I was convinced the Weather Channel gave instantaneous updates and the forecast at this minute is more accurate than the forecast 10 minutes before.
My sister cleans and cleans and cleans.

We will laugh about all our little quirks after the marathon. Right now, this is SERIOUS and do not try to tell me otherwise…

I am sure you will each have your own stories about the adventures of tapering. We will have 12 miles on Saturday to compare stories.’

I can tell you that I have been extremely hungry, all the time.   Though this seems to be the norm so I’m not sure if it’s amplified because of the taper or not.  Thanks to Donna  for the helpful information!

Last night I once again spent time packing my suitcase for a trip home.


Only the necessities.

We are heading home for a wedding and I’m looking forward to it.   We are attempting to get a training run in tomorrow morning, so we’ll see how it goes.

Happy Friday,


2 Responses to taper madness

  1. The weather channel most definitively gets TONS of hits from runners looking to see what the weather will be like on race day! You will be fine, don’t worry!

    Love the cats on the suitcase! Mine always do that too! SO CUTE!!

  2. Happy taper time! I am obsessive about the weather and emergen-c right now.

    2 weeks!!

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