18 miles, i need a nap.

We were up before the sun this morning for our 18 mile training run with CARA. 

Unfortunately it rose shortly after we started running, making for a hot couple of hours.  18 miles – I couldn’t even think about it without getting a nervous feeling in my belly.   9 miles out and 9 miles back is a long way to go, and I was lacking my usual peppy spirit at the turnaround.

My knees hurt and I was just plain tired.   I concentrated on trying to put less impact on my knees with each step and looked forward to the water stops.

DSC07402 DSC07401 
This stop was especially nice as we all cooled off in the outdoor shower before trekking on.

I ended up taking 3 Vanilla Bean GU’s throughout the course of the run and probably could have used one more.   BMB and I stayed with the group until mile 15 when we stopped to stretch and take the 3 miles home nice and easy.

These last 3 miles were hard.   So close yet our legs just wanted to lay down on the grass and take a nap.   We walked a little bit sporadically, but soon found that it hurt more to walk than to run.  Bizarre. 

As you can see, BMB was gesturing that we only had 1 mile to go.  That hat was a lifesaver from the sun, and I totally even forgot I was wearing it.    We made it back 1 painful mile later, where we collapsed in the grass.

He wasn’t even being dramatic.  This might have been the most sore I’ve been after any athletic activity, but we trudged home, making a pit stop at CVS for necessities.

I decided that my phobia of baths was less important than calming the pain shooting through my muscles, so I bit the bullet and took an ice bath.

I did vacuum the tub before filling it up, however.   That crewneck sorority sweatshirt from the 80’s did keep my top warm, but boy were my legs chilly.  It did work, and Ryan Lester I give you permission to say “I told you so”.   Someone was a little apprehensive of the cold water but eventually plopped down.

Might have to get this blown up and framed.

18 miles, done and done. 

All I want to do is sleep, however we have a full day of looking at apartments ahead of us.  Tonight we are cruising around Chicago on a party trolley, better get that nap in somewhere.

Have a wonderful weekend!


3 Responses to 18 miles, i need a nap.

  1. Great job!! I’ve been thinking about taking an ice bath after a super long run a lot lately and I think you might have convinced me to try it after my 20 miler next week. I had the exact same emotions as you going into 18 and started feeling that “wall” coming around mile 15…let’s hope that doesn’t happen during the marathon!

  2. Nice job! 18 is a long way – esp in the summer! Glad you did the ice bath. I always found them helpful after a long run. And pretty refreshing in the summer ;)

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