cha cha changes

Though I have been absent for much of this week, we did make it back from New York with only a one day delay.  We even made it back an hour early -somewhat of a miracle for a Chicago airport.  It may have had something to do with the Shamu plane we were flying in.

I didn’t actually take that photo (how did you ever know!), and I almost even missed the decorated exterior until BMB pointed it out as we were boarding.  Though I would have caught on when we got on the plane and saw the baggage bins.

This week has been fairly normal.   Ran the 9 mile midweek marathon training run along the same lakefront path. 

Ate a standard pulled chicken crock-pot meal prepared with the last of my root beer barbeque sauce. 

DSC07341 DSC07350 
Read 4 books on my new toy.

Specifically, 4 books by Jen Lancaster, who is a hoot.

Yes, it does appear from the above photo that I was reading by the pool (OK, you can’t tell, but  I was).  


Today I spent a few hours in the morning at the pool before meeting up with this gentle giant for lunch.

After which I returned to the pool.

See that building?  That’s the reason I’m at the pool today.  My new place of employment.  3 glorious blocks from our apartment.  I drove the commute to work yesterday wearing my magic eye dress for the last time, and put in my two weeks notice this morning.  I feel like a free woman, and will be going to a company that I interviewed with when we first moved but didn’t get the job at the time.  This time I got it.  Goodbye road rage, slalom course garage, and nylons.  I will not miss you.   I will  miss my Caesar wraps, but the ability to go home for lunch will ease the pain.  Heck, I even will have time to let a hypothetical dog out. 

Off to enjoy the rest of my relaxing day, hope everyone’s having a fabulous week!


5 Responses to cha cha changes


  2. yay!! so happy for you that you got a new job!!! :) Congrats!

  3. How cute is that plane?! I LOVE Jen Lancaster!! I think I’ve read all of her books and I’m hoping a new one comes out soon. Also, congrats on the job!

  4. Yay for the new job! So happy for you!

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