no run for me

Its 7: 15 AM on a Saturday and I just got done peddling a slow 30 minutes on the bike at the gym. 

The good news is I had excellent reading material. 

The bad news is I had to miss the CARA Saturday long run because of my bum knee.   My IT band is not cooperating.  Last night as we were walking to the festival I was in pain and said to BMB, “I’m definitely not running tomorrow.  Its not worth it.”

2 hours later he caught me texting, “well maybe I’ll just try and see if it hurts. I can always stop ” to Sara.  Right.  Like I’m going to stop.

We got home from Lolla and I immediately tortured myself with my new Grid, which is like a foam roller.

I had gone to Running Away Multisport yesterday at lunch to ask about a knee brace and the guy told me that a brace won’t help a hurting IT band.  It will mask the pain and allow you to push through it but will most likely result in injury.   He recommended foam rolling with a Grid at least 3 times a day or as much as possible.

Ouch.  I iced and rolled last night, layed out my running stuff and went to bed determined to go in the morning.  

My alarm went off at five, I got up to walk to the bathroom,  and felt some pain.   Gah.  Back into my bed where I thought about running before finally listening to common sense.  I’d rather miss today then next weeks half. Repeat to self.

Its not a big deal at all, I have just come to love the Saturday morning CARA runs and hate to miss out when in Chicago.  Plenty more where those came from however. 

I finished up on the bike in about 30 minutes and did some upper body lifting.  We are off to Lollapalooza again as we purchased the 3 day pass.

Tiny freckly wrist hand model.   Last night we saw a stellar performance by Coldplay.


Have a great day!

6 Responses to no run for me

  1. Great job listening to your body! It’s tough when we have goals, but makes so much more sence in the long run (haha)

    I’ve bailed on quite a few runs lately due to my injury and replace them with yoga/ cycling etc. Smartest move ever. I also want to be healthy for next weeks half. Hope the knee is better by then. :)

  2. So sorry about your IT Band! I had a serious problem with mine when I was training for my first half…it sucked! Let me know how the roller works for you…I have one, but usually have a hard time bringing myself to use it…because it hurts, too…however, I’ve heard it does the trick every time!

    Good luck!

  3. I had IT band pain last year when training for a marathon – unfortunately, I wasn’t smart about it and continued to run until I couldn’t run more than 7 miles without it hurting. I ended up switching from the full to the half so you’re definitely being smart by taking some days off and doing foam rolling. Hope it helps!

    • Thanks for the info, definitely makes me take it more seriously. So sorry you had to drop down but glad you still were able to do the half!

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