Terrapin 5K

What smells worse than 4,000 hippies? 4,000 hippies who just ran a 5K.

Oh yeah.  I had heard about this race before but was out of town for it last year so I was so happy we were able to run it.   I enjoy a wide range of music, and the Grateful Dead are one of my favs. This is what I put on the radio when I creep into the second hour of my commute home to beat back the road rage.  I have a particular love for tye-dye so last night’s race was pretty much perfect.

Best technical tees ever.  The event was being held on the Soldier Field lawn.

We lined up and a few minutes later they were playing the national anthem and we were off.

Now for me I usually get warmed up right around 3 miles, which isn’t good when that’s when the race ends.  In the beginning of the race I felt like people were sprinting past us, but I felt like I was pushing it pretty hard.  BMB left his Garmin at home so we had no idea how fast we were running.  We’ve been so spoiled with the running pace group and just following the pack.  You give someone a flat tire, you know you’re going too fast.

This race went out under McCormick place, along the highway, and back along the lake.  Same route we run every Saturday.  Somehow, tye-dye made it more interesting.  I need to get our running group on board.

Before we knew it Soldier Field was back in sight and we were crossing the finish line.  I’m not going to disclose my last name on here, but for those of you who know us, just imagine the announcer trying to get it out as we crossed the finish line.

We ended up finishing in 28:48, a 9:17 pace.  This if fast for us, and BMB busted his previous 5K time by 3 minutes.  Victorious, we headed to the after party to cash in some free tickets.

First, a delicious Magic Hat beer.

It was the perfect summer night for sitting on the lawn and listening to some Grateful Dead cover bands.

Along with our race entry we also received a free slice of pizza.  You know I was excited.

Tiny but delicious, and more importantly, free.

We hung around for an hour or so, enjoying the festive crowd and perhaps another Magic Hat.

Afterwards we walked the 2 miles home, enjoying the scenery.

There is nothing like Chicago in the summer time.  Love it.

Continuing with our musical theme we are attending the festival known as Lollapalooza this weekend, along with some fun weekend guests!

Happy Friday to all!


6 Responses to Terrapin 5K

  1. My boyfriend and I registered to run this but proceeded to get stuck at work. Super lame. Glad to hear it was a good run. I would have loved a Magic Hat!

  2. Chicago is just so beautiful! It really makes me wish I lived there. The race sounds like it was a fun time!

  3. Congrats on the race! It lookedike a lot of fun and those shirts are awesome! I’m kicking myself now for not running it since I live pretty close to where it was. It must go on the list for next year :)

  4. Watch what you say about old hippies!!

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