home again

It felt miraculous to sleep in today after a crazy couple of days.  Would you expect anything less from another jam packed trip home?  Thursday night my plane got in at 2 AM and my brother and dad happened to be in the area and generously gave me a ride home.   It did make me feel better to see how many people were still out seeing Harry Potter as we drove by the movie theater on the way home.  After sleeping for a few hours my brother Danny put back on his chauffer hat and drove me first to get my hair cut, and then down to Philly to pick up BMB from University of Penn. 

His mom had her bone marrow transplant on Thursday and is continuing to be upbeat and her usual amazing self.  Danny and I had the pleasure of sitting in traffic for a good hour on the way down, and when he spotted a food truck we peeled off and inhaled some Thai chicken basil tacos.

SO good. 

Afterwards we picked up the BMB and headed to Men’s Warehouse.   He is in our friend’s wedding this weekend and needed to pick up his monkey suit.

Speaking of monkeys.  While BMB was in the store Danny and I watched clips of a monkey riding a dog on his navigation screen.  

Pretty hilarious. 

After dropping the hus off for a running date with the groom-to-be I bought Danny second lunch at the Grid Iron to thank him for all his driving.  

We got home and I quickly showered and changed for the next event of the day, Mike and Kelley’s rehearsal dinner.

Their rehearsal dinner was held at Rivercrest Golf Club, where Jenny had her wedding a couple of months ago and also the home of the famous mashed potato bar.

Oh yes, dominated once again.  The sweet potatoes tasted just like a pumpkin pie.   Dinner was buffet style.

I picked at my plate but was stuffed by this point. 

Speeches, gifts, and mingling with the bridal party got everyone excited for the big day. 

DSC05969 DSC05967

After 11 years of dating Mike & Kelley couldn’t be more ready and thrilled to make it official. 


After the rehearsal the bridal party dispersed to hang out with the bride and groom at their houses and my other friend Kelly and I headed to Phoenixville for a bit to meet up with some of our other friends.

I don’t know what that shot was called but it tasted like a chocolate covered pretzel.   Kyle and I stopped for a nightcap at the Grid Iron the way home.   I mean we were driving right by, we’d be fools not to.  

After a wonderful night’s sleep I forced myself out into the hot sun for a run.   I also drug Danny out of bed to come along.  He wants to get into running and today was only his second run, ever. 

Pre run breakfast: coffee and an oatmeal cookie. 

Now, Spring City is built on a hill.  There’s no way around it.  

Good for training, but painful for distance. 

I needed to purchase a wedding card so our destination was CVS.

Yes, ms. CVS checker-outer, it IS hot out there.  

We ended up running about 4.5 miles at a 10:10 pace.   Pretty darn good for Danny’s second run, ever.   He more than doubled his distance with hills and a hot sun thrown in. 

I think I might have convinced Danny to sign up for a 10K in Chicago in the fall, so we’ll see.   As predicted, I knew the run would be rough but I felt so much better afterwards.

Now off to celebrate Mike and Kelley’s big day, congrats guys!!!!

2 Responses to home again

  1. Hope the wedding was fun. Pretty awesome that Danny can just up and run that long. I am a little jealous!

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