10 miles down, back to CHI

I would post about what I ate for dinner last night except I had the same exact thing to eat on Thursday.  Ok, I lie.  Last night I only had ONE teriyaki wing. 

Yes, we headed to the Grid Iron again last night.  This time a bunch of our home friends came out as well.   I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately as they are a pretty good looking group of people.   It was awesome to see everyone and really made me miss living home in PA.  This is the first time in awhile that I’ve been sad to go back to Chicago, and I’ll be back on Thursday!  We ended up staying out a bit later than planned and got a later start than we wanted on this morning’s run.   I woke up at 6:30 and had my usual pre-run breakfast of a Clif Bar, coffee, and water.  Thanks dad for making that mini pot of coffee just for me.  Bunch of weirdo decaf drinkers in that house.  

Being in PA we had obviously missed our CARA training run yesterday.  We planned to run the 10 miles on our own today on a local trail.  I was more than a little nervous as we’ve gotten spoiled from running in a pack of people and not worrying about pace, water, or quitting.   We drove to the trail and stretched it out around my sweet rental car.

This trail actually runs for miles and miles all the way from the suburbs to Philadelphia.  We picked it up at Pawlings Road. 

We started the run around 8:30 and the sun was beating down.  

Luckily you only run for about a 1/2 mile before entering a gloriously shady forest.

We left a water bottle at mile 2.5 to lighten our running load a bit.  BMB carried his and I carried my camera, as usual.   The first 3.5 miles flew by and then we left the shade and pretty much died.

At one point I suggested turning around and making up the miles in the shade but my drill sergeant convinced me otherwise. 

I’m surprised I could even see where I was going with the sun screen melting into my squinty eyes.   At 5 miles we split a bag of Sports Beans.


These guys are awesome and tasty but I much prefer the gels when you need energy on the go.  Much easier to get down while moving.   We turned around and finally spotted the shady haven once again.   For a second I thought it might be a mirage, but alas, was truly the forest. 


We made it back to the car with an average time of 10:10 miles.  Perfect.   Running in the glaring sun for 5 miles really sapped the energy out of me.   I believe BMB received a grunt in response to his “WOW I feel so much better than I did at the end of the Soldier Field 10 miler.” 

We did it, and it wasn’t horrible.   We have a ton more weekend trips the rest of the summer and it’s extremely encouraging to know that we can handle the long training runs on our own.  

We drove back to my parents house where my dad made us a feast of the best egg sammies in the world (fact), blueberry pancakes, bacon, and watermelon. 

It was a wonderful trip home and I’m already counting the sleeps until I’m back again.  See you from Chi-town.


3 Responses to 10 miles down, back to CHI

  1. Great job getting your run in while being out of town! Which CARA location do you run at?

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