BBQs & birthdays

When we were little the 4th of July was always so exciting because we got to decorate our banana seat bikes and ride in the Spring City parade.   It seemed like a pretty big deal at the time.  I loved that banana seat bike, until the day I took that last hill a bit too fast and had a run in with a mailbox.  Knocked the thing over too, and somehow emerged from the accident unscathed. 

Now we celebrate the 4th of July with BBQs, as we did last night on our friend’s Blair and Marc’s roof deck.  I’m pretty obsessed with their roof deck and it’s views for good reason, it’s amazing. 

We had an awesome time hanging around with Marc, Blair, and their friends and enjoyed a few hot dogs, some chicken, and random other food.   I contributed a buffalo chicken dip.  I used EatLiveRun’s recipe.  It was delicious.  Though I didn’t plan ahead and next time would have waited to bake it once I arrived.  

After a few hours we headed out to our next destination, Durkin’s Pub, for a birthday party.  


It was great catching up with them and celebrating the birth of the FASTEST member of Team Hoagie.  

DSC05717 DSC05695 DSC05700 DSC05716
Good times.  Around midnight we said our goodbyes and headed home. 

This morning we slept in and it was amazing.   Around 11 we headed down to the gym for some weight training.

FYI – Target workout clothes are amazing (comfy and cheap).

BMB channeled his inner Evan and took me through a circuit of 10 or so different moves.  Can’t feel my raptor arms.   Once back upstairs I made myself a ham & cheese sammy on wheat bread with hummus and basil.  Plus a peach.

Which I ate on the beach.

The weather was perfect for lounging around reading for a couple of hours.

Tonight we are heading to dinner and hanging out with friends.   Hooray for no work OR class tomorrow, double win.  Have a wonderful Sunday evening.


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