a hot 9 miler

This morning we had our longest run yet in our CARA marathon training program.  9 of the hottest and sweatiest miles – in the book.   It was 78 degrees with 88% humidity at 6 am when we started running.  Oh Chicago you and your bipolar weather need to get it together.  

Last night we carbo loaded for today’s run by going to dinner at Pizano’s Pizza. 

Pizano’s is one of the stops we checked out on the food tour and I really enjoyed it that day.   Last night was a slightly different story.  We started off with a Sam Summer because it just felt right.

For our meal we ordered a small deep dish and a medium thin pizza.

DSC05626 DSC05624

The food itself was good.  Pizano’s deep dish doesn’t have 3 lbs of cheese like other Chicago establishments so it’s good for not feeling ill after you eat. 

The other diners and our waiter however were on the shifty side.   I believe this picture was taken at the same time that the woman dining right next to us let out a humongous belch.

That was the least of it, but I’m in the middle of eating a snack and I don’t want to ruin my appetite by recalling the other incidents that occurred.   Take my word for it when i say –NASTY.   We walked home from dinner and I enjoyed a coconut water and some episodes of the Soprano’s before bed. 

This morning I had my standard coffee/Clif Bar/water breakfast at 5 AM.

These guys also had a spot in my morning routine.

We arrived at the harbor and I became a little nervous when the leader’s pep talk sounded really nervous about the heat.  Better safe than sorry, I suppose.  

We took off on the exact same route as last week, but 4 miles longer.   We ran South along the lake.

All the way out to a water station that CARA had set up.  

We stopped for water at almost every water fountain as the humidity was sucking the life out of everyone.   Apparently someone in our group actually passed out but I missed it.  Scary.  Eventually we made it back to the city as a herd of sweaty runners. 

It felt good to be done, thought it looked like everyone had just swam in the lake instead of ran. 

We walked home to stretch out our legs, per usual.

DSC05663 DSC05659

Once home I ate half of a chocolate power bar and headed directly to the 13th floor.

Every day should start with an hour at the pool.

We eventually pried ourselves from our lounge chairs, more due to my growling tum tum.  A big bowl of Joes O’s with strawberries and bananas tasted delicious after the hot run.

The rest of today has been spent running errand after errand.

Now we are finishing off the family size tub of hummus with the family size bag of Stacy’s pita chips and relaxing before some BBQ hopping.

Happy and safe weekend whatever you may be doing.


5 Responses to a hot 9 miler

  1. I’ve never had deep dish pizza, but I hear its awesome! Way to power through your hot run!

  2. Wow. You weren’t kidding about the guy/girl ratio at CARA.

  3. Wow, someone passed out! I did 9 miles from Montrose with CARA. Lots of people dropped out of our group but I hung on. I was SO glad to be done. I must have been delirious as I ran up Cricket Hill with a few people in our group.

    I figure it’s gotta be cooler on our other runs! Or that’s what I’m telling myself.

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