enjoying Caturday

Oh what a perfect day it is here in Chicago.  We’ve enjoyed the heck out of the day so far starting with our CARA marathon training run.    Let me back up a minute. 

Last night we did super grown up things for a Friday night and ran some errands.  We’re attempting to redecorate our apartment but have no idea where to start so we headed to a shopping center to look around and get something to eat.

Pretty amazing lineup of stores right there.   First we headed to Whole Foods for dinner.  

I had a big pile mac n’ cheese, tofu, mashed potatoes, broccoli, beans, beets, and curried something.  Pretty delicious.   After we ate we headed over to heaven World Market.   We have our eye on some pretty nice pieces of furniture but didn’t buy anything last night as we ran out of time and had to head to the movie theater for our 7 PM show.

We saw Bridesmaids and I’ve never laughed harder than at the part where she’s trying to get the cop’s attention.   I was crying.  Go see it if you haven’t, but I know we’re late to the game.   This movie theater on Roosevelt is pretty sweet.  They have VIP theaters where you sit on couches and drink adult beverages but Bridesmaids wasn’t playing in any of those.   The theater also has sweet views of the city.

To wrap up our exciting evening we made a pit stop in 7-Eleven where I still get nauseated at the sight of taquitos.  

One fateful night and taquitos were ruined for me forever.   I got some ice cream instead.

Oh yeah.  Then it was bed time for us geezers as 5 AM wakeup calls come quickly.   We woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies.  

I enjoyed a Special K bar and coffee for breakfast while BMB stretched.

We ran the mile to meet up with our group for a “step back” week 5 mile training run.  

A step back week helps you to prepare your body for gradual mileage increases along the training plan.   This gives you a little bit of a break and lets your muscles recover.   Today we happened to run the exact same route as Sara and I did the other miserable night.  

Today I got redemption.   I felt about 1 million times better than I did on Wednesday, though it looks like I’m going to punch the girl running in front of me with my raptor arm.

We headed south on the path towards the museums.  

The sun was hotter than I expected for 6 am, I definitely have to invest in a running hat.  

We didn’t have any water stations set up out that way but stopped at a water fountain.

We hit the turnaround shortly after and headed back to the city.

DSC05389 DSC05388

The 5 miles flew by and we were soon back for snack time.

It was good today.  Gatorade along with  Clif chocolate dipped Mojo and Luna chocolate peppermint mini bars.

DSC05396 DSC05395

We stretched for a bit and then headed home.   I didn’t get the memo about the red shirts.  RUDE.

I got home and immediately ate my mini bars out on the balcony.

SO nice out.   After a bit I made a smoothie using 2 cups of spinach, 1 tsp xanthum gum, flax seeds, a strawberry Chobani, a banana, and some cocoa powder.  

Basically whatever random stuff I had lying around.  Who knew such pretty ingredients could produce such a nasty looking bowl of glop?

Taking pictures of it outside made it look less offensive, but if that thing happened to fall off the balcony people would think a bird was having a whole lot of GI problems.  

We’ve got some fun stuff on the docket for today.   I’ll give you a hint, rhymes with “Waste of Embargo”.   Kind of.  You try rhyming something with Chicago.   I hope you have wonderful and relaxing Caturday like these 2 bums!

P.S.  Go check out Ralph’s haircut.. it’s amazing! I’m thinking it could be a light, summery cut for Waffles.  Thoughts?


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